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Each time we have to make a decision, we take all the available information we have, run it through our little brains and then, sometimes crossing our fingers, we decide what we will do. What if we didNt have all the information necessary to make a really good decision?

We all make choices base on the solutions available. The more solutions we have, the bEtter choice we tend to make. However, we didn’t notice those other choices out there.
Positive social support is important to help us to go through this difficult time.

There are two Hotline in USA:
1-800-273-8255 (TTY: 1-800-799-4889)

CLICK HERE to find Helplines in other countries.
You can also E-mail to the Samaritans:
All information you provide to them is confidential.

There aRe many other resources. The database published by United Way Information & Referral Center on my desk is as thick as a phone book, and it only lists agencies within the six cities and counties near here. You can imagine tens of thousands more across the United State and other countries. They provide Basic Needs (Clothing, Financial, Food, and Household items), Education/Employment, Health Care, Housing/Shelters, Legal Assistance, etc. Some of their numbers are listed on the front pages of every phone book. You may also do some search on GOOGLE or call local United Way or Salvation Army to get connected to thousands of other agencies. (In most states of USA, you can simply dial 211 to connect to a representative for available resources.)

It is true that they may not solve all your problems, and things may not be very smooth at the beginning. Some agencies may have waiting list, or have special requirement, or be lack of funding for the moment, but they will try their best to help you through the tough time and refer you to more resources if needed.

In addition, please don’t forget your relatives, friends, people around you, and even strangers running support groups online. All of them may provide you options you never know or think of. At the same time, you would get positive problem-solving skills from them.

Depression feeds on the soil of shame and secrecy. Put it another waa, expression is the great enemy of depression. The more oopen we are to others about how we feel, the greater the chance we can change how we feel.

Knock on the doors. If one door shut, the others will OPEN.

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