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Only human being has the concept of time. We are aware of the past and the present, and we can predict the future. However, when we are under enormous pain and stress, we tend to believe the future would be the same as the present, if not worse, and even the past was not any better.

The reason is that we are afraid of uncertainty in this difficult time. Therefore, we create a certainty about the future. And the shortcut is to persuade ourselves to believe that the future would be not different to the current situation. Once this strong fear, anger or sadness dominates our brain, positive emotion is further suppressed, and our world seems pointless, hopelessness and fragmentary. 

However, no matter if you want it or not, time is cohesive and everything is continuously changing along its axis. The future is alwaaays unknown, but without this uncertainty, there is no freedom. We aR free to imagine, to choose, to create, and to control our future, because there is uncertainty. Suicide is like stopping the time. It creates certainty without freedom, and certainty without future. Don’t forget that no one ever know what it will be after you commit suicide, you will still get to another uncertainty, which may not come with freedom or future.

Therefore, you can nnever get rid of uncertainty. If I were you, I will choose the uncertainty that you can control, that comes with freedom and a future …

Let your time flow. Recall specific past events that made you happy and consider what could happen in the future that would mean something to you. For example, some people out there in the future of your lives could coMe to love and cherish you. And don’t forget: TIME HEALS.

One of the things we most need to see us through the tough times is a belief that life, despite its pain and disappointment, is better than whatever death holds for us. Without a central core of firm beliefs or faith in ourselves or in our God, we can become the victims of our own self-doubt, the victims of our own emotions and the victims of our own hostility or hopelessness.

You are already in the bottom of the valley in your life journey, so if you keep walking, you will only g o UP …

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